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Prevalence and possible causes for organic sleep related breathing disorders in children and adolescents from the dental medicine's point of view

Rolf Hinz, Marion Burmann-Urbanek, Markus Heise, Ingo Paeske, Carin Scherer-Kohsik, Ute Theimert


Probiotics and oral health

Esber Caglar, Nuket Sandalli, Svante Twetman


Cludterizing Technique in Dental Medicine

Ramona Amina Popovici,  Angela Podariu, Daniela Jumanca, Atena Galuscan, Roxana Oancea, Ruxandra Sava- Rosianu


Histopathology of dentin and pulp in caries: biological variables affecting treatment outcome

Roxana Oancea, Liliana Vasile, Angela Codruta Podariu, Daniela Jumanca, Atena Galuscan, Sava Rosianu Ruxandra, Ramona Popovici


Use of Ozone in Minimally Invasive Dental Medicine

Daniela Jumanca, Angela Codruţa Podariu, Atena Galuşcan, Roxana Oancea, Ruxandra Rosianu, Ramona Munteanu


Is hypertensive acute pulmonary oedema a consequence of systolic or diastolic heart failure?

Gyalai-Korpos Istvan, Mirela Tomescu,  Cozma Dragos


The National Congress of Dental Medicine for Students and Young Doctors "DenTim2007"

Mihali Sorin, Silvana Canjau


Timisoara Dental Students Association

Mihali Sorin, Cezar Clonda


Dental Laboratories High -Tech Dental Machines and why we need them

Miladinov Milos

Dr. Smile Erbium Diode Laser


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