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Actual concepts in endodontic space filling using warm vertical compaction and injection of thermoplasticized gutta-percha

Andreea. Ruja, N. Balica, Roxana. Vintilă, S. Cotulbea


Clinical and pathologic correlations in jaw tumors

Emilia Ianeş, Felicia Streian, Doina Chioran, S. Roşu, Ş. Talpoş


The role of interproximal cleaning instructions in OHI score improvement

Prep. Dr. Ioana Feier, Asist. Dr. Dan Onisei , Prof. Dr. Doina Onisei


Preliminary optical coherence tomography investigation of tooth wear

Corina Marcauteanu, C. Sinescu, Meda Negruţiu, G. Dobre, Eniko Demjan, Luciana Goguta, Anca Jivanescu, A. Gh. Podoleanu


Experimental Gingivitis During Pregnancy and Post-Partum: Clinical, Endocrinological and Microbiological Aspects

Rodica Bodea, Luminiţa Nica, Rodica Jianu


Optical Coherence Tomography - a New Method of Interface Investigation

Roxana Otilia Rominu, C. Sinescu, Meda Negrutiu, M. Rominu, Daniela Maria Pop, Z. Florita, Adrian Gh. Podoleanu


Complex Identification of Material Defects In Ceramic Fixed Partial Dentures Using The Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Confocal Microscopy

C. Sinescu, Meda Negrutiu, M. Hughes, A. Bradu, Mihai Rominu, Philippe L. Laissue, G. Dobre, Adrian Gh. Podoleanu


An Alternative Investigation Method of Interfaces in Class V Cavities: Optical Coherence Tomography Combined with the Confocal Method

M. Rominu, Z. Florita, C. Sinescu, C. Haiduc, Roxana Rominu, Adelina Stoia, M. Hughes, A. Bradu, G. Dobre, A. Podoleanu


Complete dentures investigated with en-face optical coherence tomography

Meda Negrutiu, Cosmin Sinescu, Daniela Pop, Roxana Rominu, Luciana Goguta,   George Dobre, Michael Hughes, Adrian Gh. Podoleanu


The Importance of Red Aesthetics

Bold P., Antonie S., Bold A., Bratu D.


Endodontic Ultrasound Therapy

A. Bold, P. Bold


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