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- Abstract -

Allergy and otitis media with effusion are often considered comorbidities. Numerous studies point to a role for allergy in the pathogenesis of otitis media with effusion and show the presence of late-phase allergic response inflammatory mediators and cytokines in the middle ear effusion of allergic patients.

We studied the presence of allergy in a group of 134 children with otitis media with effusion between 2004-2009 in the ENT Clinic Timisoara. Allergy has been tested using the dosage in the blood of the total and specific Ig E for respiratory allergens.

Of the 134 children 18 (13.43%) had increased specific Ig E.
The importance of making the diagnosis is that the possibility exists that by treating the allergic rhinitis the chronic OME will resolve.


Key words: allergy, otitis media, Ig E.



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