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- Abstract -

Background. Luivac is an immunomodulatory agent administred for the prophylaxis of reccurent respiratory diseases. The adolescence is a period of live involving complex changes of the organism, that influence the youths immune status, by decreasing the seric concentrations of the immunoglobulins.

Material and method. In a prospective study performed during one year, yhere has been studied a trial of patients formed by 55 adolescents, aged from 14 to 18 years, followed-up for reccurent respiratory diseases. They were given Luivac, according to the complete schedule of treatment, consising of 2 immunization periods, respectively: 1 tablet daily for 28 days, followed by a brake 28 days and then continued again with 1 tablet daily for 28 days. In order to evaluate the efficiency of the treatment, the authors recorded each respiratory event that occured during one year. The study was extended with the comparison of the immunologic parameters before the treatment and one year after its cessation. The serum immunoglobuline levels (IgA, IgM, IgG) were determined using the simple radial immunodifusion method.

Conclusion. The pharmacologic treatment with Luivac improves significantly the immunologic profile in the adolescents with reccurent respiratory diseases.

Key words. Luivac, immunologic pharmacologic action, reccurent respiratory diseases, adolescent.




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