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- Abstract -


Esthetic restoration of anterior teeth is a challenging clinical situation and a demanding procedure. The patient's aesthetic expectations are usually high and the final result is largely dependent on the skill and the experience of the team dentist-dental technician. This paper discuss the factors involved in the decision making process for zirconia all ceramic restorations and describes all the clinical aspects for restoring anterior teeth.
Case Report: In this paper we present one clinical case presented in our clinic for prosthetic rehabilitation of frontal teeth. After a detailed clinical evaluation the decision was to restore the smile design with zirconia all ceramic restorations (crown, bridge and veneer) fabricated with CAM technology. The decision making process involves the consideration of a number of factors such as underlying substrate color, tooth preparation geometry, margin location and cementation system. All the clinical and technical steps are presented to demonstrate the requirements and materials necessary for the optimal resin bonded anterior zirconia crowns and bridges.
Conclusions: The all ceramic zirconia based restorations showed good clinical results, were well accepted by the patient and can perform a long term clinical success.

Key words: zirconia all ceramic restorations, aesthetic rehabilitation, clinical steps

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