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- Abstract -

The incidence of acute coronary syndrome is very high in our country. Its evolution is often severe and mortality is still very high. The intention of our study is part of general efforts to detect opportunities for improvement in morbidity and mortality due to myocardial ischemia. In this article, we present modern action guidelines for each phase of the ACS corresponding to each step of emergency care and attitude from the immediate pre-hospital therapy and ending with various methods of coronary reperfusion. Submit a personal study conducted in assessing the significance and importance of pre-hospital triage for correct diagnosis of ACS and effective guidance caronarian acute attack victims to appropriate services for proper coronary desobstruction. The conclusion is that early pre-hospital triage has the advantage to employment in "golden time" for different methods of myocardial reperfusion.


Key words: ACS, in pre-hospital triage, coronary reperfusion, gold hour.



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