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- Abstract -

The accessibility at medical care refers to the easiest way for the patients to obtain the medical care when they are in need. At European Union the frequency of dentists is 66, 6/100 000 people, and in Romania is 20, 2/100 000 people. Between may and july in 2009, we have been realized a study about dental care accessibility in Timis County, looking to geographical, organizational and institutional accessibility, arenít this type of study in this area for the moment. Based on this study we evaluate the weak points of dental services, with then ulterior aim to try to improve the quality and dental accessibility, either emergencies or periodical controls.

Methods: Evaluation of dental care in Timis County, by analyzing the geographical repartition of dentists, their cabinets, and emergency services; institutional and organizational accessibility by questioner application at 100 dentists from Timis County, from they 12% work in rural area.

Results and Conclusions: From this study we observed the follow negative aspects: geographical beat in the east and north-east area of the county, equipment the dental cabinets for people with handicap, the majority of dentists are not available to treat the seropositive patients or patients which are positive for hepatitis B or C virus, and all of them which are available they will give tshe dental care just in the end of program, almost all of the cabinets donít show the prices list in the rest room, in the rural area in the rest room they donít have toilets or they donít have any rest rooms.


Key words: dental care, dental cabinets, medical care.


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