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The present journal was born from the commitment to contribute as sharing some experiences on professional ground as well as in the domain of research. Year after year, the journal has improved it's scientific content, by improving it's quality standards, and also the standards regarding the esthetics of the journal, accordingly with the international standards. This journal is open to all medical specialities. We are hoping that our articles will be of great quality because this will lead to the growth of the journals level of acknowledgement. We wish to start a new phase, which will be visible from this number (presentation, articles in a international known language) so that a new wave will be felt and, why not, to get even international acknowledgement. The journal will continue to be issued quarterly, under the patronage of the CPHEMPD. We expect to be contacted, both from Romanian and from abroad, by all those who want to publish their professional experience, research, program proposals or any other promising initiatives.





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